The American Indian Center of Arkansas is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit Urban Indian organization located in Little Rock, Arkansas, governed by a Native American / Alaska Native board of directors, providing for the maximum participation of all interested Indian groups and Native American / Alaska Native individuals living in Arkansas. The American Indian Center of Arkansas has operated continuously in the state since 1977.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for Native American / Alaska Natives living in Arkansas.

Our mission areas include:

Job Training and Job Placement by developing an employment and training program, through collaboration of business and industry, for Native American/ Alaska Natives living in Arkansas.

Older American Employment and Training by providing job training and placement for individuals age 55 or older with limited financial resources and to provide employers with trained, motivated workers.

Mental Health Services by providing a culturally competent, holistic approach to wellness, which helps children, youth, and young adults with mental or substance use disorders, connect with the services and support they need to prevent suicide and develop a stronger more resilient Native American/ Alaska Native generation.

Education by providing programs that offer choices that provide for a variety of academic, training and mental health services to enhance the lives of Native American / Alaska Native youth in Arkansas.

Who we Serve

You may apply for services if you

Note : Enrollment priority is given to veterans.


Employment and Training

A wide range of services to assist Native Americans with job placement, job readiness, entering the workforce, or advancements in their career. CLICK HERE

Mental Health
Native Connections

A program that identifies and addresses the behavioral health needs of Native youth and young adults by reducing suicidal behavior, substance abuse, mental illness, and trauma. CLICK HERE


Assistance for Native Americans under the age of 18 to improve educational achievement and access new opportunities. CLICK HERE

Elders/Older Americans

A program for low-income seniors aged 55 and over to acquire new work, develop marketable skills, and receive assistance. CLICK HERE

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