Educational Assistance


This page is dedicated to links that will help you find scholarships and other resources for higher education.

Ernest Whitelaw-Don Kinney Scholarship

This Scholarship is for graduating Arkansas Native American High School seniors only.

Bureau of Indian Education 

Scholarship Opportunities for American Indian Students

Arkansas Department of Higher Education 

This website contains information about many scholarships and educational opportunities, including the Academic Challenge Scholarship.

Cherokee Nation 

The education section of the Cherokee Nation website will direct you to numerous scholarship and educational opportunities. Explore their website if you believe you are eligible for these opportunities.

Choctaw Nation 

This site contains links to scholarship opportunities for Choctaw students. Become a member of the Scholarship Advisement Program to receive benefits.

Chickasaw Nation 

The Chickasaw Nation offers higher education scholarships to full time and part time students. Students must be Chickasaw and possess their Chickasaw Nation citizenship card.

The Muscogee (Creek) Nation will be offering grants to Creek students while they receive a higher education. The Creek Nation will work to ensure that the special needs of Creek students are addressed to prevent unnecessary withdrawals from higher education institutions.

General Scholarships 

If you are interested in locating free scholarships, grants, and financial aid.

The United South and Eastern Tribes Inc. (USET) 

The United South and Eastern Tribes Inc. has scholarship opportunities for USET area Indian students who are enrolled members of one of the twenty six USET member tribes

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WIOA provides educational resources and assistance for Native American, Native Hawaiian, or Alaskan Natives in the State of Arkansas.

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